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Indian takeaway near me, Chicken Korma, Tikka Masala, Beef Madras, Veggie Biryani, Rogan Josh – there's nothing like an Indian curry when you crave a whole lot of heat from Diallo Eats. No wonder. They're hot and hearty hunger-busters. But there's a lot more to discover. Indian takeaway near me has a wonderfully wide variety of dishes created around local spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits.

India's different regions each have unique styles of cooking and distinct flavours. North is famous for spicy Tandoori and mild, creamy Korma. The South loves a thin, crispy, stuffed Dosa. The East is hot for Chilli.

The West is crazy about tangy coconut and seafood. And Central India is a blend of them all. Indian cuisine is the ultimate whatever-you-fancy food. When you've finally managed to choose your dream dishes, you still get to choose the perfect rice or bread. White Rice? Brown Rice? Pilau Rice? Plain Naan? Garlic Naan? Stuffed Naan? Everyone's got a fave they rave about. And all can be heading your way, via the Diallo Eats app.

Chicken Tikka is chicken breast marinated in yogurt, garlic and ginger, then cooked ‘dry' in a Tandoori Oven. It's evil twin is Chicken Tikka Masala (once Britain's most popular dish) in which these roasted boneless chunks are cooked into a deliciously creamy, orange-coloured and not-too-spicy-honest-guvnor curry sauce so decadently rich that you will find your Naan bread irresistibly plunging into it again and again. Butter Chicken (aka Murg Makhani) is a similar North Indian mild-to-medium main dish but with a sauce based on ‘makkhan' or butter, instead of a mixture of spices.

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Indian Takeaway Near Me