Our rehab facility in Orange County has topped the list of the best centers in existence for over 20 years to provide exceptional inpatient and outpatient comprehensive services. Besides offering multiple levels of treatment, we strive to ensure our facility provides its clients with the best program to meet their clinical needs. We have developed partnerships with insurance providers to ensure that you get the most reliable Dual diagnosis addiction treatment and make sure our patients have access to any support and care they need

Other than offering treatment for all kinds of addictions, we focus on alcohol and drug addiction treatment, both high-intensity outpatient programming and intensive outpatient treatment. Our outpatient treatment program is effective for patients with a history of relapse, multiple unsuccessful rehab attempts, and those struggling with underlying mental health issues. Our outpatient programs also treat mental health issues for patients requiring co-occurring disorder treatment. Our healthcare professionals are skilled in evidence-based approaches, i.e., cognitive behavioral therapy and commitment therapy. With a combination of mental health services and addiction treatment, we assure our clients that they will get the best outcomes. We have adopted in-person, group, virtual, and assisted programming to ensure the process is effective.

For our intensive outpatient alcohol and drug rehab program, we have adopted a 12-step principle which implies that care offered to patients will include psychological, social, and personalized mental health plan options for our clients. For Mental health and substance use patients who have covered milestones and are noted to respond to treatment, we check them into our low-intensity outpatient program. At this level of care, we recommend that patients attend group therapy sessions while trying out acquired recovery skills in their everyday life. We help them build new routines, identify relapse triggers, and create recovery support networks.

Your care plan in our program will begin with an assessment of Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders to determine the best kind of therapy you will need to address your needs. In addition to our special focus groups, we offer both individual and group counseling together with medication management. Our outpatient treatment center provides other specialized services related to substance use disorders and recovery. Some patients who get admitted to our facility have undergone trauma, and for that reason, we created trauma healing groups that focus on;

  • Educating patients on the connection between addiction and trauma
  • Introduce skills such as grounding and self-soothing to help patients cope with trauma
  • Providing a safe space for patients to share their trauma experiences

Our Co-occurring addiction treatment centers have a team trained for these cases to ensure patients feel safe when addressing these underlying issues. We have managed to set healthy boundaries and help our patients rebuild relationships through counseling and family support programs. Regaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and practices is a team effort, and our resources are available to help patients strengthen and advance their sobriety long-term. Bodies recognize us for our efforts in leadership and for offering the best practices. We are one of the best-performing rehab centers in Orange County for addiction and mental health disorders in Orange County.

Please contact Northbound at 866-311-0003 or email info@livingsober.com to start your recovery journey.

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